Why are we doing this

Our story begins during a blizzard in January of 2015….Entech’s Agile Practice Team was having a collegial debate about which Scaling Framework was the most appropriate, considering some of the organizational constraints we’ve encountered in years past. We discussed hybrid approaches, the role of kanban, PMO governance, metrics, dependency management, and team structures.  Naturally, the evolution of our discussion went down the path of Agile Thought leaders representing those frameworks, and an idea was born.

As we debated these folks, we realized there were influencers beyond the framework representatives going back to Peter Drucker, Taiichi Ohno, and W. Edwards Deming.  We also realized there were other folks who might not carry such famous accolades that we should acknowledge like Bjarte Bogsnes and Yves Hanoulle, who certainly had an influence on how we perceived our profession as Agile Coaches.  We created a list of 55 Agile minded influencers, and conducted a draft to select 36 to include in our Agile Madness Bracket.  Our draft was completely random, and was limited to 36 to insure fairness across the 6 core members committed to researching, and presenting arguments for what made them special to our profession.

As we conducted our research, we were humbled by how much we learned, and the incredible contributions each person made that helped pave the way for us as Agile Coaches. We gained an appreciation for the history of this field, and got excited about the new faces helping to shape its future. After 168 hours of research, 61 hours of debate, and a grand total just shy of 300 hours spent in under 9 weeks, Entech’s Agile Practice presents….Agile Madness 2015.